Aussie finance and property is a personal service. Whilst everyone might want to buy a property or refinance a mortgage, everyone is different, so these services must be tailored for you.

We provide comprehensive advice, consulting and arrangement services in the areas of:

  • Australian mortgages
  • property purchase assistance
  • refinance or re-mortgage assistance
  • property investment analysis
  • provision of property market research
  • market updates and information
  • mortgage arranging services
  • leases and loans arranging and;
  • financial services via My Financial Life Pty Ltd*

Aussie finance and property has the skills and experience to help you find and complete your property purchase, use the most appropriate and tax-effective loan structure, and provide you with specific ongoing support with your home or property investing journey and so really, your life’s goals.

Browse the site, and get in contact if you have a need, or just a simple question! Please leave us your email and also a phone number.

Regulatory stuff
Aussie finance and property is a trading name of My Financial Life Pty Ltd which has an Australian credit license, number 392084.

Hence, Aussie f&p is licensed to arrange mortgages and provide mortgage and loans assistance for anyone interested in Australian property, and has accreditation with over 20 lenders from banks, building societies, international lenders and private firms. If it can be done, we will source the funds for you. Aussie f&p has the resources to work across borders, and is especially well positioned to provide advice and assistance for Australian expats and those living outside Australia with an interest in Australian property.

*My Financial Life Pty Ltd is also licensed as an Authorised Representative of Patron Financial Advice, AFSL 307379 to provide financial services in Australia. However mortgage arrangement and assistance services described above are not financial services authorised by patron Financial Advice Pty Ltd.