Australia voted best place to be…

A life ‘down under’ is top of the list for Brits considering starting a new life abroad according to the latest research from Post Office UK. (September 2011).

Australia is the most tempting destination, according to the survey where 21% indicated they would most like to live or work in Australia, followed by the US (18%) and Canada third (14%). Spain was voted in fourth place (10%).
The survey found that 27% of people have considered a move overseas, with a further fifth saying they remain open to the idea.
The most comon reasons cited for moving overseas were: Improved quality of life, followed by a warmer climate and experiencing a new culture. Improved work/life balance and salary related motivations came in as 4 of the top 10 reasons as well.
The Post Office Uk report also concluded those who do move abroad are living their dream with 70% of expats ranking themselves as very happy with their new life.

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