Moving to Australia

Do you have a goal or dream to come and stay in Australia?

Every year, over 200,000 people are approved to emigrate to Australia.

However applying to stay in Australia is not always easy. There are several requirements and tests to complete, and the administrative process might take a little longer than you think.

If you work in an industry or profession in which Australia has declared it needs more workers, than your visa application can be processed more quickly.

There are many, many things to take into account if you want to transfer your life, even temporarily, to Australia. How far are you down the path?

For more reading about the process of getting to Australia, supplied by the Australian government, see the government’s Immi website.

Have you decided you are ready to go?

Do you know what visa you qualify for? and how to get that visa?

The Aussie finance and property group can help guide you. The first step is understanding what to do next.

How to apply for a Visa to stay in Australia