Government links

Here you will find some useful links to specific Australian government websites that focus on important considerations when buying property in Australia, including purchase taxes and duties, as well as sites about emigrating to Australia.


For those of you living outside Australia looking to emigrate, here’s a great site about emigration to Australia:Immi website.

Foreign Buying restrictions

Whenever the purchase of property in Australia involves a non-Australian citizen, care must be taken to ensure the purchase is acceptable according to Australia’s foreign-ownership-of-property rule. The Foreign Investment Review Board is the Australian government organisation that regulates purchases of Australian property by foreign individuals or companies.

You can find more information (here)

Purchase Costs

A purchase tax known as “Stamp Duty” or Transfer of Land duty in some States, is the largest additional cost you will incur when purchasing property in Australia. Calculate how much you will pay in Stamp Duty by referring to the information and calculators provided by each State of Australia based on where your property is located (click the links below), or contact us.

Note that the amount of duty you pay is different, and calculated differently, in every state of Australia!

Offices of State Revenue, for stamp duty, by State:

Land Tax

Land Tax can apply to you if you own more than one Australian property.

State Government offices of Fair Trading and Consumer Affairs

The offices of Fair Trading in each State (or equivalent name) provide useful guidance about the purchase and sale of property including your rights and obligations, the laws and changes in local regulations about property, how to resolve any disputes, and dealing with the various parties or businesses involved in the industry.

You should choose the Office based on where your property will be located.

NSW Office of Fair Trading
Victoria Office of Fair Trading
Queensland Office of Fair Trading
W.A. Office of Fair Trading
S.A. Office of Fair Trading
Australian Capital Territory(Canberra) Office of Fair Trading
Tasmania Office of Fair Trading
Northern Territory Office of Fair Trading