I sent them here!

Friends of Aussie F&P,

From time to time you will refer clients and prospects to Aussie F&P. Somewhere along the line either now or in the future, your client might click onto aussiefpgroup.com and make an enquiry or ask a question.

I want to make sure you get credit for that.

So, drop me a line, saying “John Doe was sent to you” on one of these contact pages or even just in the subject header of an email if you like, and I will confirm with you if John Doe does in fact get in contact. In this way there will be no doubt where he came from, and that you are responsible for passing my details on to your client.

In this way, I can reward you for the referral, and keep you up to date with John Doe’s progress towards a mortgage.

Thank-you for passing my details on, and well done for looking after your client!