Considering an investment property, Starting out with a New Venture or Ready for a Home Loan in Australia?
There are so many resources available to help you to find the right property or loan it can be difficult to find the right one, and to be confident with your decisions. If we can develop a good rapport and you feel comfortable dealing with me, then I am sure I can help you along the road to getting the home or investment property you want, and leave you feeling satisfied with our service and the outcome. Our philosophy is to give first, and to provide assistance without fear.

You won’t be charged for initial discussions and you won’t receive any surprise bills along the way. Any ultimate fees and charges will be explained and made clear well in advance of being due.

When your property choice is ultimately made, there is still a long way ahead. You still need to organise the purchase process and meet the settlement deadline.

This will require you to arrange/review at least the following:

  • Finance
  • Inspections
  • Solicitor/conveyancer
  • Insurance for the property
  • Updated Insurance for yourself
  • Property management
  • Australian taxation
  • Currency conversion and transfers

Don’t be overwhelmed! It’s our expertise and experience to look after the technical side of the purchase for you.
You can focus on either mortgage sourcing or property sourcing with aussiefinance&property, or alternatively appoint us to coordinate both.
If your focus is finding finance first, then tell us about your property and your budget, and we find a suitable mortgage solution for you from the lending products of more than 20 lenders including the major or high street lenders as well as non-banks and niche mortgage providers.

“How much can I borrow?” is often the first question you will have, naturally enough. It is clearly the most important consideration when searching for a mortgage and it’s the first thing we will help you with when you contact us.
We will continually be adding more details to this site so stay tuned.
For all enquiries email or call London +44 20 3230 0479 Sydney +612 8003 3472 or Italy +39 3455 678414.